Moon gazing at the Highline

I have been star-struck before.

I have very special memories of laying on the terrace with my father and our dog, counting the many stars. These are memories from my hometown far far away.

Those were times of clearer skies, when days were bluer and nights darker.

It is my utmost desire to have the entire New York City shut off its lights for just one night. I wonder what sounds we would then hear, what lights we would then see beyond the skyline. Where this desire seems hard to fulfill, I did see a little more than few stars last night.

At the Highline, facilitators helped me use telescopes to gaze at the Moon and three planets other than ours, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

I acknowledge that this is perhaps a normal experience for many people, but I cannot contain my joy and excitement at having seen the moon, so close, so close…

Image Courtesy
Image Courtesy

The Highline has always been a very welcoming experience, a reclamation of space to make it a place, but yesterday was special. I acknowledged, that standing here on this planet, I co-exist with the moon. We do it everyday, but standing right here, I could have a closer look, it gave me goosebumps. I wonder how does silence sound on the moon, for a moment I wanted all the ceaseless noise of the city to come to a pause, just for that moment.

There is so much in this universe, and at times I feel that I am so engrossed in the microbial nature of my life that I do not spare a thought for existence beyond my immediate surrounding. The telescopic view made me wonder, how immediate is immediate, how far is far? I get a similar feeling when I see my loved ones on skype.

It is interesting that the very city which distracts me from life, provides a space within itself to rethink.

Moon-struck for a while!


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